Inside Out

*This is entirely my personal interpretation of the animated motion picture, Inside Out.

Every once in a while, there comes a movie that pushes us to think and interpret our own life’s happenings. A movie need not necessarily impart any wisdom or give some food for thought, but as a powerful medium, they do have an influence on the way we look at things. We can safely say that our characters are not only shaped by the real lives around us and our interactions with people, but also by those fictional characters that appear for a definite time on the silver screen, but stay with us indefinitely.

“It’s not what you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you.”

– Batman Begins

“With great power comes, great responsibility.”

– Spider Man

Such quotes taught us a lot and sculpted us to make us who we are today, either directly or indirectly, whether we accept it or not.

Now, let’s talk about the much awaited, Pixar and Disney’s new brainchild, Inside Out. This is a really simple movie, just like every other animated movie from these studios, but only this time, did they talk about a lot of important issues. This is not about what makes it a good or a bad movie and not about why you should watch it. It is something we need to talk about.  What makes a human being a human or in fact a living being alive? Well, our emotions and our ability to communicate. All of us have emotions and therefore feelings, yes, even the most insensitive ones do too. Every emotion is as important as the rest, nothing more and nothing less. Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger, these are the vital emotions that decide our course of life. Really, they do. And they are also the subjects of this latest movie.

Imagine this, what if, one day, all of a sudden you don’t have happiness anymore in your life? Nothing you do gives you a satisfactory feeling. Now, this would leave you with four other emotions. The moment we don’t find joy in anything we do, our entire life turns gloomy, doesn’t it? Well, this is Depression. It may be due to the tiring and relentless career pursuits, underperformance, enervating lifestyles and something unimaginable too. This has been a global phenomenon now. Anyone can be a victim, be it a celebrity or a countryside farmer.  Inside Out, talks about this exact horrendous phase that one might be going through. And the best way to get out of it is to talk it out and seek help. If we let it be, it would sprout many terrifying ideas and most of them are life-threatening. This is something we ought to talk about.

Right now, at this moment, one of your closest or even you might be suffering from this dreadful depression. I bet you wouldn’t wish it upon your most hated enemies. When you think you know someone is suffering from depression, do take it seriously and talk to them. It is better late than never and a recovering friend is better than a friend living in your memories. There are helplines around the world that will help them, but we need to take the steps to bring your old friend back. All it needs is you to make your inside out. We don’t want depression to be another plague, killing people from the inside. To all those battling depression,  just  remember that you are not alone and you have people who are willing to help you.

Life is not about just a single emotion. What makes a feeling complete is a mixture of emotions. Fear and joy, Anger and sadness, they may be very different and be out of context, but they have no meaning without each other. You wouldn’t know the value of light until you experience darkness. What makes joy that it is, is not joy, but sadness. A subtle philosophy, fading memories, addressing a burning issue, a journey through your childhood memories, the bond with your loved ones, the jealousy of your best friend making new friends, this is what a movie can make you feel and may be you’d find your life in it too.


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