The Bygone

This is a recap for all the episodes of my first attempt at thrillers on this blog –

Episode 1 – The beginning

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5 – The final step


The Bygone | Episode 5

         Hours later, Varun regained his consciousness and looked at the phone he managed to pull from one of the men. He dialled the last called number.

            “Is it done?” asked the voice on the other side in a tone little above a whisper. But Varun did no mistake in recognising the voice.

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Thanks for reading this series, in spite of the long gaps between episodes.

The Bygone | Episode 4

Generations ago, there were visitors. They came in from far off worlds, out of a light, brighter that the sun, that no human could bear. Their flawless white outer coverings made them look superior, strongly emphasised by their length. They were really tall, as the paintings described. Francisco still wondered about how that gift had been saving people.

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The Bygone | Episode 1

There were prayers on every lips, tears in every pair of eyes and no hope on any of the faces. The newly weds had their palms clasped, the children hugged their mothers out of fear and the mothers held them out of pain, the businessmen took a last hopeless look at their family photos in their wallets and on mobile phones, the elderly looked at their dearest and prayed to save them.

The Bygone | Episode 1