The Bygone | Episode 5

The Bygone

Episode 5


9.56 PM, 22nd September, 2006,

New York City.


             “So, it does mean that my father has access to the original book by Francisco. Why is he building up a story of this sort around it?” said Varun in a confused tone to Marvin, who was sitting on the couch,  in Varun’s penthouse living room. He was still looking carefully through the symbols that Varun jotted down in his notebook.

           “Varun, I think it is time that you talk to your father about this and find out what he is up to and I’ll get going. I need to attend an important addressing at the university.” Marv got onto to his feet and hugged Varun before leaving. “Keep me informed, Varun.”

             “Here, take my car.” said Varun handing over his keys to Marv.

Three hours later…

             Varun was lying on his couch, with thousands of thoughts running on his mind. And his phone started vibrating on the worktop next to him. The moment he picked it up, he heard Marvin screaming out of pain.

            “Varun, help me. They are going to kill me. Help me.” shouted Marv with a voice that was running out of breath.

           “Marv, what happened? Where are you? I am coming.” said Varun running for the car. He rushed to the location Marv told him of and he found his car turned upside down in a crash. He accelerated even more to into the next alley that Marv told he was in at the time of the call. Varun got off the car and started running into the alley, into a warehouse. He carefully walked so as not to make a noise. He could see someone walking at the other end of the aisle, but wasn’t sure of who it was. He noticed that he was holding a gun and he swiftly moved towards him, but failed to notice the other guy across the alley searching for Marv. Varun walked along the walls of the warehouse and could see Marv who was hiding behind one of the huge machines on the floor. He signalled Marv to stay put, but it was already late. Marvin was shot from the other side and he dropped dead.

           “NO.” screamed Varun and jumped on to the guy with the gun. He tried pulling the mask off, but was hit by the second guy on the back. His vision was blurred, but caught hold of one of them and managed to grab his phone. They hit him again and fled from the place.

           Hours later, Varun regained his consciousness and looked at the phone he managed to pull from one of the men. He dialled the last called number.

            “Is it done?” asked the voice on the other side in a tone little above a whisper. But Varun did no mistake in recognising the voice. He was shattered to hear the voice of his father.

                He got back home and confronted his father about Marv’s murder.

               “Varun, what are you talking about? I have no idea what is happening.”

               Varun pulled out the phone from his pocket and dialled the last called number again. Karan’s phone started buzzing and looked at his son’s angry red eyes.

              “Varun, listen to me. It ought to be done. No one was supposed to know about that book and you started digging into it. A lot of big heads are into this and I begged them to spare your life. And Marv, they wanted me to take him out. It was too risky for all of us. I tried, but I couldn’t stop them from doing. Hadn’t it been me who got this done, they would have killed you too. Please try to understand. You cannot talk to anyone about this.” said Karan Singhania with an apologetic tone.

            “No, You didn’t try. You didn’t. You killed him. My best friend. And you are hiding something mysterious. What are you doing dad? What is happening? I need to know now.” shouted Varun throwing the phone hard to the ground in anger.

              “Ok. This has to be only between us. 15 years ago, we found Francisco De Orellana’s book in one of the islands near Brazil. Somehow, it reached there over years. Nobody understood what that book might mean to this species. We saw a multi billion dollar business in it. We retrieved the book, made a fake copy of it. So, to keep the attention off our head, we orchestrated as if we bought in an auction and donated it back to the Library of Congress. That gave us a lot of goodwill and helped us to keep the media away from poking into our activities. But, you stirred things up when you and Marv found out that the book is a fake. Our board wanted to keep anyone who knows about this out of this world. Had you gone public, it would only expose the ugly things that our board did and does and they didn’t want it. They wanted to take both of you out, but I convinced them that I would handle you. But Marv, I had no choice. I did it to save you, son. Try to understand.”

            Varun walked away from the room. Not because he forgave his father, he could never forgive him for what he did. He wanted to bring those people to their rightful place for everything they had ever done.

           Varun couldn’t stop wondering about what that mother crystal holds and why his father and company are running behind it. They had been searching for it for years, but never found it. He got up and walked towards the crystal. He stood there in front of it and stared at it. The reddish glow amplified due to the white walls around it.

         The mother crystal has a charm of its own. Anyone who keeps staring at it for along while, loses their strong will to resist from going towards it, no matter what they do. Varun was also pulled into its charm and started walking towards it. He stood next to it and placed his palm on the crystal. He didn’t know the consequences of touching something powerful.

        He was pushed away from the mother crystal by the golden flux that emanated from it. He didn’t know what happened, but fell unconscious for hours. He came back running only to find everyone else missing. He started shouting for them, but could find no signs of them. He walked out and started searching all around, shouting for them.

           The way the mother crystal works is a mystery. The results of its magic is something that is remarkably special. It could restore someone to their full health and make them flawless. Restoring something to a previously known physical state of an organism, that is strongly registered on the brain. Chunks of the crystal have only limited power to restore, but what the mother crystal can do is beyond impossible.

            Varun started running towards the crash site with a hope to find them. He was scared of something even worse, the Mazonians capturing them. He kept walking and could feel that someone was watching him. The Mazonians didn’t understand where he came from and followed him stealthily.

              Varun realised that he was being followed by the tribesmen and paced up his walk to a mild sprint, so as to lose them. To Varun’s surprise, they didn’t attack on him after what he did to those two tribes-men. But, that is how the Mazonians work, they stay put and attack people only after the suspect objects do something. Varun knew this, but didn’t understand why he isn’t being attacked yet. He slowed down as he came close to the crash site, reminded by the boulders and other marks, he remembered when moving into the forest. He could hear some rumblings of an engine in the sky.

                “Help is here. They found our plane.”

           He ran towards the crash site, but to his horror, he could see no signs of a crash. The trees were uptight with the canopy like everywhere else. He was shocked to see that everything was normal. But, he could still hear the rumblings of an engine, rapidly closing by. He needed to get a clear view of what was coming. He found a clear passage through the canopy and got a good view of the source of the noise. He was struck by a bolt out of the blue when he saw the aircraft that was rapidly dropping to the ground. It was the same aircraft that he was in when they crashed there and the surroundings seemed to be perfectly normal, like nothing has ever happened there. He checked his watch to see if what he was thinking was right. It was about the same time they crashed the previous day. It was the greatest shock of his life yet.

             “This can’t be happening. How on earth is this possible!”

The End.

From the writer’s desk:

        Thank you all, for reading this not so long series and encouraging me to write more. I am happy that I could end it in FIVE episodes as planned earlier.

“Write the book you want to read, the one you cannot find.”

        These 7000 odd words, I wrote down here in this series are only the beginning of my interest to write the kind of book that I would want to read. This may be not be perfect, but down the line, I can only assure that there shall be better posts.

        Talking about the bygone, this is what I planned for this series. You might find that there are a lot of questions unanswered. But, I have answered a lot of them through a deep thought and what happens next in this series, only time will decide.

Till then, goodbye, Bygone.

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